Roulette Bets Payouts

This section covers all the rest of the outside bets permissible in roulette and shows where a player should place these bets and what the payout odds for each bet is.

Lets go on by finishing off the remaining outside bets that have not yet been covered. They are the bets that payout at odds of 2-1 meaning should you win, you will be paid out double the amount you bet by the casino dealer.


The bets in roulette that payout at 2-1 include the dozens which horizontally cover 12 numbers at a time and are known as dozens. The first dozen covers 1-12, second dozen includes numbers 13-24 and the third dozen covers those numbers 25-36.

The image above shows roulette dozens


The next series of outside bets on roulette that payoff at a rate of 2-1 are known as columns, these are the vertical lines that divide the roulette table vertically into three parts and split a wide variety of numbers and are called first through third columns.

The columns payout if any of the numbers

Covered by the row roll and payoff at odds of 2-1

The bet gets placed in the spot that has 2-1 printed on it.

Roulette Systems using dozens & columns

Some roulette players place bets on two dozens or two columns thereby leaving one vacant which leaving less open areas or gaps on the roulette table and more frequent payouts. Just be sure what ever you do never ever play all three columns or all dozens and while we are at it never play any opposite even money bets neither as you can only win your money back in the best case scenario but if the zero rolls you will lose all your bets.

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