How to Play Roulette

With your color chips in hand you can start by placing your bets on your favorite number or lucky numbers by playing them on the various betting spots available in roulette that we will cover in the next section. Lets firstly start off with, how to play the simpler bets on the roulette layout called the outside bets with the first category known as even money bets.

The minimum permissible bet on even money bets, the dozens and the columns (which we will cover in the next section) is almost always higher than the regular table minimum bet. Always check the roulette tables limits before taking a seat to play.

Color chips, cash chips and value chips are normally permitted when betting on even-money bets, dozens and columns. Some casinos particularly those in the US even cash to be placed on outside bets.

Even money bets

These bets are those that pay at odds of 1-1 if you win you get paid the same about as your wager and include Red (A), Black (D), 1-18 (A), 19-36 (F), Even (B) and Odd (E) all make up what is known as even money bets.

Roulette even money bets & how to play

This picture above shows roulette even money bets.

A : 1-18 (low numbers) 1 through 18 1 x the bet

B : Even covers all 18 even numbers pays 1 x the bet

C : Red covers all 18 red numbers pays 1 x the bet

D : Black covers all 18 black numbers pays 1 x the bet

E : ODD covers all 18 odd numbers pays 1 x the bet

F : 19-36 (high numbers) 19 through 36 pays 1 x the bet

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