Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride is a Five-card poker game that is easy to learn and fast paced. In Let It Ride, the player does not play against any other hand, but instead has a table of progressive winning hands that they aim to achieve. The players all receive three cards each whilst the dealer is dealt two cards. The dealer’s cards are communal cards and are used in every player’s hand.

The players’ three cards together with the two communal cards gives each player a five card poker hand. To receive cards the player must place three bets of equal value and at least equal to the table minimum on three bet boxes indicated on the table layout. The player then is dealt three cards and the dealer takes two communal cards face down.

Prior to the dealer exposing the first communal card and after looking at their three cards the players have the option of taking back their first bet or indicating they want to ‘let it ride’ this means all three bets stay up. The first communal card is then revealed and the player then again has the option of either taking back their second bet or again ‘Letting It Ride’. After all decisions have been made the dealer reveals his/her second communal card. All bets placed in box three are contract bets and no option on this wager is allowed. The players are aiming for a poker hand of 10’s or higher in order to win a payout. A $1 bonus bet may also be made and if the player receives 2 pair or higher they will also win a bonus payment in addition to the table odds.

First off let me tell you that most dealers really hate dealing the game due to the lack of participation as all the cards dealt only add up to the players hand.

The game works as follows Let-It-Ride poker is played with a deck of 52 cards with the object of the game being to get a pair of tens or better in order to win.

Firstly you will see at least three betting positions ( 1 2 $) on which you should place equal bets on, within the table limits you are then dealt three cards face down after the cards are dealt you should pick up your cards and see if you have 10s or better

Iif you don’t you have the option to take one bet back, signal to the dealer by pulling back and the dealer will return one of your bets, if you do have tens or better you should as the name of the game says “Let-It-Ride” which means leave the bet up.

The dealer will then turn over one of the two cards he has dealt to himself and this card becomes a communal card and as such is your 4th card of your five card poker hand.

The same will happen again ie. you have the option to pull back the next bet if you desire or Let-It-Ride then the dealer will turn the last card revealing your 5 card poker hand as the dealers other card is also a communal card payments are made according to fixed odds see the table to the right as the dealer does not have cards to compete with and are paid those odds for each withstanding bet, your last bet on Let-It-Ride has to stay up and cannot be taken back.

There are several bonus bets and bonuses which vary from casino to casino, I’m sure you will figure them out as soon as you get the basics of Let-It-Ride Poker.

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LET-IT-RIDE POKER Payout tables

Royal Flush
500 to 1
Straight Flush
200 to 1
Four of a Kind
50 to 1
Full House
11 to 1
8 to 1
5 to 1
Three of a Kind
3 to 1
Two Pair
2 to 1
10’s or Better
1 to 1

Some casino’s may vary

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