Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is similar to a game of five-card stud using a deck of 52 cards with the added attraction of the progressive jackpot. The player must first place an Ante, which is similar to an entry fee, to play the game. The Dealer and the players then receive five cards each. After looking at their cards the players must then decide to stay in the game or fold. If they do not wish to stay in the game, they then fold their cards and forfeit their Ante. If they wish to stay in the game they then must place a bet exactly twice their Ante.

In order for the game to continue the Dealer must qualify, otherwise the players only receive even money on their Ante and the game is over. If the Dealer does qualify, each player’s hand will be revealed to see if they win, lose or push. The winning wagers are paid odds according to the ranking order of their hands.

The progressive wagers win if the player has a flush or better in their hand. It is not necessary for the Dealer to qualify in order for the player to win a progressive pay out. They must however have placed the $1 progressive wager.

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