Tequila Poker Casino Game

Tequila Poker is a combination of Blackjack and 5 Card Poker, you get dealt 4 cards you then have to select which you would like to play either High Tequila or Tequila Poker when choosing you will then pay another ante and be dealt 2 more cards. Use five out of the six cards to make up a Tequila Poker hand or get a higher card value than 46 in High Tequila.

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Tequila Poker

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How To play Tequila Poker Casino Game

  • Select your betting amount by clicking on the chip valued at the amount you wish to bet
  • Click Deal to be dealt your first four cards
  • Select whether you would like to play high tequila, tequila poker or you can fold, if you choose to play you will automatically place a bet equal to your first ante to continue and get dealt two more cards.
  • The Best five card out of the six will win the amount shown in either the high tequila or tequila poker paytables.

How to play High Tequila:

If you select high Tequila after the flop you will be playing for points based upon the numeric value of the card. You can see the card current value at the top left of the cards. Two more cards will be dealt the higher your card value the more you win.

The card values are based upon Blackjack system where the number ten represents all picture cards Jack or higher except for Ace which is valued at 11. All other cards represent their numeric value. To win you must score higher than 46 using five of the six cards dealt.

How to play Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker is exactly like Five Card Poker on the flop of four cards select Tequila Poker, if you manage to get a hand ranking higher than a pair of Aces using five of the total six cards dealt you will win the value shown in the tequila poker paytable on the right

In Tequila Poker, your cards are used to make up the best possible five-card poker hand automatically. The remaining card is disregarded. You will need at least a pair of Aces to win. Please note that if the first four cards already make up a winning hand (for example, Two Pair or Three of a Kind), the name of the hand will be displayed under the cards when you are asked to make your play.

If you get a winning hand, your Ante bet pays even money, and your main bet pays according to the paytable on the right of the screen.

Tequila Poker Buttons:

Deal To  deal your cards.
Clear betsRemove any bets
High TequilaPlay high tequila. see above
Tequila Poker Play Tequila Poker  (5 card poker)
Fold Fold and lose ante
New GameBegin a new round.
Rebet To Play again with same bet.

Tequila Poker Features:

  • Current balance – shows the amount of money you have left.
  • Cashier – to make a deposit or cashout
  • Play for Real Money – To sign up and play for cash
  • Menu – Options, game history and Help
  • Exit – to leave the game.

Tequila Poker Shortcut keys

Use the Keyboard shortcuts to play Tequila Poker

Keyboard shortcutAction
TABTo select the next button and highlight
ENTERworks the same as a right button mouse click on highlighted buttons
SPACEBARStarts anew round
Number buttonsTo increase bets ect…
ESCTo exit Tequila Poker
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