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Joker Poker games are based upon the standard Video Poker format, except the joker poker card represents the wildcard which can be used to complete a winning hand. Play Winner Casino – free online joker poker to test your skills and luck with this video poker flash game or get the Joker Poker Download.

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In this free online joker poker game you can play the joker card as a wild card symbol to represent any card.

Playing Joker Poker

  • Make a bet by betting one or betting max 5 coins
  • Click to get dealt 5 cards click on the Deal button
  • Select the cards which you think will complete a winning hand by clicking on the hold button on each card.
  • Once you have selected your cards you want to stick with click Deal to get more cards dealt
  • If you manage to hit one of  the joker poker winning hands you will be paid out according to the paytable

Joker Poker Double

When hitting a paying hand you will get the doubling your bet option, put your double or nothing poker skills to the test, risk your winning amount as a gamble against the dealer, dealer get one card dealt up and the player must select one of the four cards to beat the dealer with a higher card. If you choose not to risk your payout click on Collect to claim your winnings rather. The Half Double lets you gamble with only half your amount won.

Joker Poker Paytable

Winnings are paid out according to the hand hit and the amount the player bets. Betting one uses the left paytable column and Bet Max (5 coins) uses the right side of the paytable. Example if you’re betting max with $1 and you hit a flush you win 25 X your $1 bet = $25

Video Joker Poker Wining Hands

Pair of Kings or more – minimum hand must be a pair of Kings or Aces.

Two Pair – having two sets of paired cards like 3-3 and 7-7

Three of a Kind – Any three cards of the that are the same like A-A-A

Straight – a sequence of cards running in order like 4-5-6-7-8

Flush – when all five cards are of the same suit like eg: five hearts: 2h – 6h – 8h – 10h – Ah

Full House – Three of a Kind plus a pair as well like 10-10-10-2-2

Four of a Kind – Any four cards of the that are the same value like A-A-A-A

Straight Flush – a straight like shown above all being of the same suit.

5 of a Kind – a four of a kind using the joker as the wildcard

Joker Royal Flush – a Royal Flush using the wildcard, the Joker to complete the hand

Natural Royal Flush – a high straight running from 10-J-Q-K-A  all the same suit.

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