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How to play Blackjack

The main objective of Blackjack is to get the closest to 21 using the cards you are dealt to beat the dealer. Each card has a numerical value, picture cards such as Jack, Queen, and King represent ten. Any ace card can be used as either one or eleven.

To get blackjack the player must be dealt an ace with a picture card which adds up to 21. The player will get paid out 1.5 X the bet eg: if the bet is $20 winnings will be $50. Players must not exceed twenty-one or they will bust and the dealer will win the bet. The dealer must draw cards until 16 and stick on 17 and above, if the player gets a higher score than the dealer he will win double the bet  that was place. If the player and the dealer tie the bet will be pushed and the player will get his bet back.

Blackjack, picture card and ace, beats all hands including cards that add up to 21

Blackjack rules

  • Every round all cards dealt are put back in the deck and re-shuffled
  • Card dealt can only be split once
  • Split aces will only have one card dealt
  • Players can double after splitting


Players can split their cards if they have the same both have the same value. If the cards are split a second bet will be place the same as the first bet. The player will then have two hands to complete starting from right to left.  Split aces can only draw one card when splitting hands. If a player gets Blackjack when splitting cards it is considered as 21 and it is not Blackjack.


After you have been dealt your two cards you can double the bet if you think you have an advantage on the dealer when choosing the double option you will be dealt a third card.


When the dealers face up card is an ace the player will have the option of insurance against the dealer getting Blackjack. If you choose to have insurance half the amount of your bet will be place on the table as a separate bet. If the dealer does not hit Blackjack the player will get 2 to 1 back on the insurance bet. If the dealer gets Blackjack the insurance bet will be lost.

Ten Card Charlie

The most amount of cards possible to be drawn in Blackjack is ten cards without getting bust. This is called a ten card Charlie and will beat every hand except Blackjack.

Blackjack Payouts

Best Hand1 to 1
Insurance2 to 1
Blackjack3 to 2

Playing Blackjack Single player

Select a chip to increase the bet or to cancel click on Clear bets. Once your bet is place click on Deal to get your first two cards. The dealer will also get two cards the first card will be shown face up for the player to see.

If the Dealer has an ace as his first card the player will have the option of choosing Insurance see above.

The player will also have the choice to either Hit, to be dealt another card, Stand to stick with the cards you have, or Double and Split see above.

When choosing Insurance, Double and Split options players will have to add more money on top of the original bet.

When the round completes click on New Game to start another round then click on Rebet to wager the same amount again, to increase or decrease your bet click on your chips.

Blackjack options :

DealTo get dealt two cards
Insuranceinsurance bet against dealer having blackjack
DoubleDouble the bet and deal third card.
HitDeal yourself another card
StandTo stick with your hand
New GameTo begin a new round.
Rebetbet the same bet as the round before.
SplitTo Split your cards into two separate hands.
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