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Saving the odds : Phrase used by dealers, meaning that the odds on a come bet are to be given back to the player rather than taken.

Scratch : An option in several casino games to request a hit.

Seven card stud poker : Version of poker in which no communal cards are dealt, each player is dealt 7 cards with four cards exposed one at a time on the layout.

Seventh street : The fifth and final betting round In 7 card stud is called seventh street as players have seven cards at hand.

Seven Out : The number seven rolls in craps when a point has been established and all ‘working‘ ‘place bets‘, ‘passline‘ bets and ‘come bets’ already on numbers lose. The ‘shooter‘ is finished his ‘roll‘ and we have a new ‘come out roll‘.

Shoe : The device used to contain the deck/cards while dealing.

Shooter : The delegated roller of the dice working clockwise around the craps table.

Showdown : In poker the players still remaining in the pot after the last deal must flip over their cards to shoe their hands in the showdown which then determines the winner of the pot.

Shuffle : The mixing of the cards usually done by ‘riffling‘ the ‘deck‘ or decks of cards.

Singleton : A card in poker that is the only one of its rank.

Single Odds : The ‘free odds‘ allowable in some casinos in craps games.

Six line : A bet covering a line of six adjacent numbers on a roulette layout.

Sixth street : The fourth betting round in 7 card stud poker is known as sixth street because players have six cards at that stage of the game.

Snake Eyes : When a total of two is rolled with the dice it is called snake eyes. Also ‘Two crap‘ or ‘Aces

Soft hand : Whenever an Ace is used as an eleven (I 1).

Split : To make two hands out of one when the first two cards are of equal value.

Stack : Twenty casino chips.

Stand : A choice one has to decide not to take additional cards.

Sleeper : An unlimited bet or wager or part of a wager forgotten by a player.

Session : A period of play.

Spanish 21 / Blackjack : A variation of regular blackjack in which the Jacks are removed from the game. See ‘Spanish 21 Blackjack

Split : In roulette, a wager that pays 17 – 1 and covers two numbers equally. In blackjack an option one has to separate a set of identical cards.

Spooking : A person standing behind the dealer in a Blackjack games in order to cheat by giving information regarding the dealer’s downcard values to another player seated at the table.

Square Pair : A pair of fours totaling eight the hardway or hard eight in craps games.

Straight Up : A wager that pays 35 – 1 and covers one number in roulette games.

Stake : The amount a gambler is prepared to risk.

Stand : A choice one has while playing blackjack to not receive any additional cards.

Stand off : A term used for a tied hand. Also ‘Push’

Steal : To steal a pot is to bluff your way through a hand and succeed in wining it.

Stick : The stick is used in craps games to push out and collect the dice, has a small bent over end.

Stick call : The announcement made by the stickman in craps which announces the total of the dice for every roll and includes terms that help his team run the game efficiently.

Stickman : The casino staff member (part of a team) who has possession of the stick and controls factors of the game such as speed, checking the pay outs made on one end, announces the dice totals and places all the center bets.

Straight : A hand attainable in poker when your cards are in numeral order with mixed suits i.e. 3,4,5,6,7

Straight Up : A bet available on roulette that one can bet on an individual number that pays at odds of 35 – 1.

Straight Out : A player position in craps, at the center ends on either side of the dice table.

Straight Flush : A poker hand that ranks high up in poker rankings, made up of cards of the same suit in numeral order.

Street : A wager that pays 11 – 1 and covers three numbers in a row on the ‘layout‘ on roulette tables.

Strip shuffle : A kind of shuffle that mixes the cards by moving top and bottom sections of cards.

Stud Poker : Several versions of stud available basically means that you only receive one set of cards.

Surrender : An option available on certain blackjack games that allows a player to receive half the initial bet back after receiving two cards the player loses half the bet and the cards are removed.

Supervisor : A casino staffing position available for the more experienced dealers, the supervisor watches over casino table games. Interested ‘in a job working on a cruiseship in a casino, as a supervisor?’

System : A method used by gamblers to aid them in winning by playing to a certain way or using money management as a tool.

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