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Paddle : A plastic device used to push currency down into the ‘drop box’.

Pair : Two of the same numeral cards are said to form a pair. See ‘Poker Rules & Poker Hand Ranking’

Pair Plus : A bet made by the player that his/her hand will contain a pair or better.

Paint : A term that gamblers use to call for a 10 value card also known as a ‘Picture’ in blackjack games when they have an Ace as their first card, if they get the picture the hand is said to be painted.

Parlay : To let the winnings ride and bet all play for the next hand.

Pass : In craps, making a pre-established point or winning on the ‘passline’. Can also be the shooter passing his turn to the next eligible shooter on the table. The choice to skip ones turn.

Past Post : To illegally add chips to a bet after the cards have been dealt.

Pat Hand : A hand of which the first two cards result in a high count and thus would not normally be hit.

Payline : The line or lines that determine a winning bet on slot machines.

Payoff : Placing a bet while not expecting to win it. A dealer position on ‘Dice’ at either ‘Bases’.

Payback Percentage : A predetermined percentage that a slot machine is advertised to pay back at.

Penciling : The action where a dealer can remove up to six non-value chips from the bottom of a stack.

Picture : In blackjack games, cards with a value of ten, as they have pictures with faces on the cards. Also ‘Face’ , ‘Monkey’

Picture Bet : A recognizable pattern of same color chips placed as a wager.

Piker : Cautious gambler or one that is stingy and petty.

Pinch : To illegally take money from a bet after the cards have been dealt.

Pit : The name used for a roped off section of gaming tables.

Pit Boss : The person directly responsible for all table gaming activity on the casino ‘floor’, assigns dealers to tables and settles any guest disputes that may arise. Interested ‘in a job working on a cruiseship in a casino, as a pit boss ?’

Place Bet : In craps games, bets placed by the dealer on the numbers 4,5,6,8,9,10 that stand a chance of winning should the number roll before a seven does.

Playing Strategy : The strategy a player uses while gambling, usually basic strategy.

Basic Blackjack strategy single deck

Basic Blackjack strategy multi deck

Plunger : The plastic paddle the dealer uses to ‘drop’ funds generated at a table into the ‘drop box’.

Point : In craps games, the number a ‘shooter’ establishes in the ‘come out roll’ as the number to be re-rollled to determine a ‘winner’ on the ‘passline’.

Pot : The accumulation of the funds generated during a poker hand that is available to win and is in the center of the table.

Press : To add any amount to the original wager specified by player.

Press a Bet : To add any amount to the original bet as specified by the player.

Probability : The chance involved usually used as a percentage of winning Vs losing.

Progressive : Refers to something that grows in size usually used with slot machines as a jackpot that grows in size either by time or per bet made, can be found in table games like Caribbean Stud Poker and several other casino games too. Can also be used as a term used for players using certain betting strategies.

Progressive bet : The wager a player places in their coin accept to participate in the progressive portion of the game.

Proposition Bet : One roll bets made in craps games handled by the stick man includes ‘horn bets’, ‘center bets’ and ‘call bets’.

Prove A Hand : To reconstruct the hands just previously picked up in order to verify a decision.

Prove a stack : To cut down a stack of chips to verify 20 pieces.

Punter : A person who frequents gaming establishments and wagers on games of chance. Also ‘Gambler’ , ‘Player’

Push : A tie between the player and the dealer. Neither side wins.

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