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Glossary of casino terminology Words that start with: “H”

Hand : Refers to the cards that a player holds or is in ownership of, or anything that occurs during a card game between shuffling of the deck.

Hard Hand : A blackjack hand that has a possibility of busting i.e. a hand total of 12 or over containing no ace’s is a hard hand. Opposite ‘Soft hand ‘

Hawking : Following the Dice visually to the opposite side of the table.

Hi Side : In craps refers to proposition bets on the 2 and the 12 only.

High Poker : Regular poker, compared to low poker or lowball variants of poker .In high poker the high hand wins.

High Roller : A Gambler that places large bets on a regular basis. Also ‘Whale’,’VIP’

Hi Lo : In craps, a one roll, split ‘proposition’ bet placed on the highest number 12 and the lowest number 2.

Hi Lo Card Count : The most popular blackjack card counting system due to it’s relative simplicity. See ‘Hi Lo Card counting ‘

Hi Lo Yo : In craps, a one roll bet, that divides equally (‘proposition bet’) placed on the highest number 12 and the lowest number 2 and a ‘Yo’ 11.

Hit : An option a player has in blackjack that enables him to receive another card to his total. The card received is also known as the hit.

Hook : In dice/craps makes reference to the corners of the table where the players stand and is also a position at which a player can stand at.

Hop Bet : A ‘proposition bet’ available in a craps game in which you can bet on the unique roll of the dice, it is placed via a verbal ‘call bet’ which does not have a corresponding spot available to be placed on the dice table eg. hop 2-2 would place a one roll bet on the dice rolling 2,2 the very next roll.

Horn Bet : A horn bet is a ‘proposition bet’ available in a craps game that equally covers 2,12,11 and 3. It pays according to what rolls and is a ‘one roll bet’.Also ‘Horny bet’

Horn high : A horn high bet is a ‘proposition bet’ available in craps that covers the three of the ‘horn bet’ numbers equally and has another larger amount placed on one of the numbers which is double that of the equal amount placed on the other numbers eg. Horn high ‘Yo’ would cover $1 on 12,2 and 3 with $2 placed on the High number being 11 (‘yo’) Also ‘Horn Hi’, ‘Horn Hi yo ‘,’Horn Hi Aces’ ,’ Horn Hi Midnight’

Hold’em : A popular version of poker also known as Texas hold’em. Online versions of the poker game can be found at popular online poker websites like partypoker which even offer bonuses and bonus codes for new players looking to play online.

Holding Your Own : Hanging in, neither winning nor losing put still in the game never the less.

Hole Card : The hole card is the dealers card that is dealt face down in a blackjack game and is only exposed once all the gamblers have completed playing their hands. Some casino’s make use of a ‘mirror’ that is called a ‘tech art system’ that allows the dealer to view the down card with minimal exposure by cards that have small symbols on the 10 value cards and the aces, the dealer also has no idea of what the value down card is.

Hot : Refers to a player on a lucky streak or ‘run’.

House : Refers to anything regarding the gaming establishment.

House Edge : The odds advantage the casino, poker room or gaming establishment enjoys over it’s gamblers.

House Rules : The local rules pertinant to a casino, poker room or a gaming establishment these could be posted on a wall within the casino or may just be rules enforced by the staff.

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