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Casino words that start with: “F”

Face Cards : Slang for cards with a value of ten, mainly as all have ‘Bar’ the 10 have pictures with faces on the cards. Also ‘Picture‘ , ‘Monkey

Face Up Blackjack : A variation of the regular blackjack game where the dealer takes ‘Pushes‘ / ties but in exchange shows the ‘Down Card‘.

False Cut : A ‘Cut‘ that looks to be legit but only appears to be as it is actually a trick made to look real.

False shuffle : A ‘Shuffle‘ that looks to be legit but only appears to be as it is actually a trick made to look real.

Family pot : When all players at a poker table are still actively involved in a betting round.

Field : A bet in craps that covers the 2,3,4,9,10,11,12 should one of those numbers roll you win even money the two and twelve pay double or even triple in some casinos.

Fifth street : In seven card stud poker, the third betting round is refered to as fifth street as punters have five cards in hand. In texas hold em poker, fifth street is the fifth card on the board and the starts the final betting round.

Firing : When a punter is on a ‘roll‘ and is betting in excess of the norm while winning, probably comes from firing on all cylinders.

First Base : In ‘blackjack‘, the person who is playing in the spot on the table who usually has the first decision.

Fish : A novice poker player that does not full grasp the concept of betting correctly yet.

Fishing : In poker, staying in a betting round when you should have ‘folded’ but you are trying to pick up that last card that would really complete your hand and make it stronger normally punters fish for ‘straights‘ and ‘flushes‘.

Fix : To rig a casino game in order to win using cheating as your means.

Flat bet : The base bets made in craps on the line, DC, come and dont lines, even money payoff.

Floor : The entire gambling area in a casino.

Flop : In Texas hold em poker, the first of three cards dealt face up in the center of the table which are shared ‘Community cards‘.

Flush : A Poker hand that consists of all the cards being the same suite i.e. all Hearts, all Diamond, all Spades or all Clubs.

Fold : A choice that a player has in poker when they want to exit a hand and no longer want to participate during the round.

Four of a Kind : A Poker hand consisting of four cards with the same numeral value eg. 4 ‘Aces‘.

Fourth street : In 7 card stud poker, refers to the second round of betting is named fourth street because players have four cards at hand. In Texas hold’em poker, fourth street is the fourth card on the board and it starts the third betting round.

Free Odds Bet : A bet that is made either behind the ‘pass/don’t passline‘or ‘Come / Don’t come‘ that pays the player the ‘true odds’ of the chance of winning or losing.

Front Line : Refers to the ‘passline‘ bet on craps games. Also ‘front side’ ‘ line’ ‘pass’ ‘ passline’

Front Money : Money that has been deposited, normally at the cashier and can be withdrawn against usually via ‘Markers‘.

Full Boat : A Poker hand that consists of three cards with the same numeral value and two of the same numerical values eg. 777 + AA will be called sevens over Ace’s. Also ‘Full house’, ‘Boat’ See Poker Hand Ranking chart

Full House : A Poker hand consisting of three cards with the same value and two of the same value eg. 6,6,6 + 2,2 will be called sixes over two’s. Also ‘Full Boat’ See Basic Rules of Poker

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