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Dark Side : In craps, the betting against the shooter by betting against the shooter rolling the point.

Deal : The act of giving out cards to players includes the acts giving of gambling objects in other casino games too.

Dealer : The person designated or assigned to give out the cards or casino gambling objects. See ‘Learn to deal‘. Interested ‘get a job as a casino dealer, work on board a cruise ship?’

Designated Dealer :The person designated as dealer for that round in poker games even though they may often not actively deal the cards out.

Deuce : A two in various casino games. Also ‘Deuces’ , ‘Ducks’

Dice : The plural of ‘Die’, slang term for the game of ‘craps’.

Dice bowl : The container on the game which holds Dice which are not in play, but which are available for use.

Die : Singular term for the square objects in use when playing dice/ craps, have six sides with numbers 1 through 6 and every aspect of them should be equal and balanced.

Dirty money : Gaming checks from losing wages which have not been returned to the bank roll.

Dirty stack : A stack of chips where different colors or different values are mixed together.

Discards : Cards that have already been played and are no longer in use.

Discard Rack : In blackjack, an L shaped device situated at the right-hand side of the table. The discard rack is used to hold the cards previously in play prior to the next shuffle.

Disclose : To open, expose, reveal. As in disclosing a card.

Dolly : The perspex marker used to mark the last number that rolled on the ‘layout’ in roulette.

Donk : Short for DONKey a newbie poker player betting incorrectly with poor knowledge of the game.

Don’t Come Bet : A bet in Craps the player places against the roll of an established number. Opposite ‘Come bet’

Don’t Pass : The ‘shooter’ in craps does not make/roll the ‘point’ or rolls a ‘crap’ on the ‘Come out roll’.

Don’t Passline : A bet in Craps in which players have the opportunity to place against the ‘shooter’ before a ‘Point’ is established. Opposite ‘Passline’

Double Down : An option that Blackjack allows to make an additional bet equal to the amount of the original wager on any two original cards. When a player doubles, he receives only one (1) additional card. Best played when player has a total of eleven with two cards dealt.

Double down for less : See ‘Double Down’ an option that lets you increase your wager for an amount less than you have bet.

Double Odds : A form of permissible odds available in Craps where punters have an option of ‘taking odds’ in this instance they may take double the bet they wagered on the pass or don’t pass lines. These odds are calculated so as to be the ‘True Odds’ of a particular ‘point’ being rolled.

Down Behind : The term used when ‘Lay bets’ and ‘Don’t Come’ bets that lose get taken down.

Down Card : Cards in various casino games including blackjack and poker where the cards are dealt face down and are unexposed.

Down With Odds : In craps when a player has a ‘place bet’ that wins along with a ‘come bet’ that comes onto the same number, they have a choice of taking the ‘allowable odds’ on that new come bet and removing the ‘place bet’ which is then called going down with odds.

Dozen : A bet that covers twelve number in Roulette, that pays 2 to 1. Three of such dozens exist in roulette, first dozen includes the numbers 1-12, the second dozen covers numbers 13- 24 and the third dozen includes numbers 25 through 36.

Dragging : Taking money from a bet before the cards are dealt.

Draw : When a player or the dealer wishes to exchange or receive additional cards.

Drop : Cash, credit or any funds that are accumulated.

Drop Box : The box the casino dealer places cash, credit or any funds that are generated into.

Ducks : Slang term for a pair of two’s. Also ‘Deuces’

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