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Casino Terminology “C”

C & E : A bet that is available on the dice table that covers ‘Any craps’ and ‘Yo’ (eleven) evenly if yo rolls the total bet is multiplied by 7 and if a crap number rolls it pays the total bet multiplied by 3. Also ‘Craps Eleven’

Cage : The cashiers area where they handle various transactions in the casino. Also ‘Cashier’

Call : To match the current bet.

Call Bet : A bet that is taken verbally or a proposition bet not marked on the layout.

Cane : The craps ‘Stick’ used by the ‘Stick person’ to retrieve the Dice after a throw.

Cap : A percentage of a bet that is taken or placed separately. Also ‘Vig’ or ‘Vigourish’

Capping : As a dealer, placing money to the top of a bet or payoff rather than beside it.

Card Counting : Methods used to improve players odds by counting down cards. See ‘Card Counting’

Card Shark : A player that is an expert at card games and could use cheating as a tactic to win.

Caribbean Stud Poker : A popular casino poker game in which the player gets five cards only and plays them against the dealers cards and winning bets get paid according to established odds. See ‘Caribbean Stud Poker’

Cash change : When monetary value is changed for gaming chips.

Cashier : The place that handles various transactions in the casino. Also ‘Cage’

Casino Advantage : The edge that a casino has on all games over the gamblers, can be represented by a percentage.

Center Action : In craps, the bets that the stickman places includes all ‘proposition bets’ and ‘hardway bets’. Also ‘Center bets’

Change Color : The changing of chips or ‘Checks’ from one base denomination to another. eg 20 $5 chips to 1 $100 chip. Also ‘ Change’ , ‘cash out’ , ‘color up’

Chase : The act of trying to get ones lost money by placing more money to acheive your goal of getting your money back. Also ‘Chasing your money’

Cheat : Someone who riggs or breaks the rules of a casino game in order to win.

Check : In poker, choice to take no betting action. See ‘Checks’

Checks : See ‘Chips’ below.

Chips : The round items that are used instead of cash in casinos. Also ‘Checks’

Chip Tray : The tray that holds chips.

Cold : A term that things are not going well for players.

Cold Table : A table at which people are losing and the run is benefiting the casino.

Color : Used in reference to the chip association to a value and color.

Color Up : The changing of chips from one denomination to another. eg 20 $5 chips to 1 $100 chip. Also ‘Color Change’

Column : A wager in roulette that pays 2 –1 and covers any one of 12 numbers in a vertical column.

Come Bet : A bet that can be made on a craps table that works similar to the ‘Passline bet’ other than it can only be bet once a point is established.

Come Line : The area on a dice table that is allocated to ‘Come Bets’.

Come Out Roll : The roll that establishes a ‘Point’ on a dice/craps table.

Comps :The rewards a casino gives to players as a complementary service can be in many forms usually free or discounted hotel rooms, drinks, dinner or cash back plans.

Community cards : Cards in poker that are shared amongst all the players.

Contract bet : A bet, which may not be reduced or removed once a point has been established for it. (Pass line bets are contract bets).

Corner : A bet in roulette that covers four neighboring numbers equally on the ‘layout’, pays 8-1.

Courtesy line : The line between the 2nd and 3rd dozen where the 0-00 split wager may be placed as a convenience to players at the far end of the table pays 17-1.

Cowboys : Pair of Kings in poker games.

Crap : In craps, crap numbers are 2,3 and 12. The numbers that lose on a ‘Come out roll’.

Crap Check : A bet available on dice/craps tables that pays 7 to 1 if a ‘Crap’ number rolls, normally used by punters to cover ‘insure’ their ‘passline’ bets.

Craps : A popular casino game that is played using the total of two die as the gambling reference where various wagers can be placed prior to the rolling the die. The game is dealt by a crew of staff which include a ‘boxman’ a ‘stickperson’ and two ‘base’ dealers.

Crap Out : The term used for losing a bet on the ‘Come out roll’ when a ‘crap’ is rolled.

Crew : The team of dealers that work together to deal a dice game, made up of four staff includes a ‘boxman’,’stick person’ and two ‘base’ dealers / payoff’s.

Crocodile : The opposite end of the dice table where the shooter is encouraged to throw the dice against in order to complete a roll. Also ‘Wall’ or ‘Back wall’

Croupier : A French term meaning casino dealer. Interested in ‘getting a job as a croupier working on a cruise ship?’

Cut : Divide the cards so that a fair game can be played as the person dividing the cards did not shuffle them. Also ‘cutting’, ‘cutting the deck’, ‘cut the deck’

Cut Card : A special card used to divide the deck when ‘cutting’ usually made out of plastic. The card indicating the time to shuffle and the card used to cut the deck by the player.

Cutting : The method of proving or verifying chips used by dealers.

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