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Baccarat : Casino card game in which the winning hand totals closest to 9, excluding all 10 units.

Back Line : Refers to the ‘Passline‘ bet

Backside : Don’t pass bets against numbers repeating before a ‘seven‘ is thrown. Also called the ‘Backline‘.

Back up : To take odds on a bet.

Banker : Some card games allow players to take on the role of the casino and offer a choice to be ‘Banker‘ the player then takes responsibility of the bets on the table placed against him usually for a commission.

Bankroll : The total amount a punter is willing to risk monetarily over a period of time. Can also be a gamblers starting money or funds available or Casino money kept in the tray directly in front of the dealer.
Related ‘Buy-in’

Barber Pole : A stack of chips in which the denominations are in random order.

Bar on the first : A bar on one of the craps numbers, either the two sixes (6/6), the two aces (1/1), or the ace deuce (1/2), if the number barred appears on first roll, it is a stand off for the wrong betters and the money rides for a decision on a later roll.

Bar the 12 : Text printed on the ‘Don’t Passline‘ and ‘Don’t Come‘ meaning that should a 12 roll the bet will ‘Push‘ , ‘Stand Off‘, have ‘No Action‘ or in effect have no winning or losing result – a tie.

Barred : Being banned by the casino, they will no longer accept action from a ‘punter‘ that has been barred.

Base : Player’s betting position at the table. First base is the position farthest to (1st/ 2nd/3rd) the Dealer’s left. Second base is the position directly in the center. Third base is the position farthest to the Dealer’s right dealer position, on the craps table on either ends where the bets are payed. First base would be on the left hand side and second base would be on the right hand side when standing on the ‘stick persons‘ side facing the ‘box person

Basic strategy : The best odds established for any particular casino game, usually referred to in blackjack in which the best odds for each individual hand has been calculated.

Basic Blackjack strategy single deck

Basic Blackjack strategy multi deck

Basket : A roulette bet that covers 0,00,1,2,3 equally which looks like a basket.

Bet : A ‘Wager‘ , the event of placing an item of worth then making a predicted guess at the outcome of a random event.

Bingo : A game in which numbers are randomly drawn and checked off on cards as they are drawn with the winner being the person who completes the stipulated positions first then announces bingo. The cards are divided by letters on the top row spelling B I N G O, the numbers are announced B9. Play bingo at PartyBingo – get PartyBingo bonus codes.

Black Book : A compiled list of players banned (‘barred‘) from casino’s usually due to cheating but the reasons do vary.

Blackjack : Popular card game played in casinos with the object being to beat the dealer by getting closest to 21 without going over 21. When a player gets a natural 21 i.e. with two cards an ace with a 10,J,Q,K they get paid at odds of 3 to 2 eg. $10 would pay $15. Also ’21’ or ‘black jack’. See Blackjack

Blind bet : A bet made without seeing the cards.

Bluff : Playing a losing poker hand as though it is a winning hand by pretending it’s a winning hand.

Break : In blackjack, to draw cards totaling more than “21”. Such a hand loses automatically.

Board : The cards in poker that are dealt face up that are shared or ‘community cards‘.

Boat : Poker hand that consists of three of the same cards ‘Trips’ and two of the same cards ‘Pair’ See poker hand rankings guide Also ‘Fullboat’ or ‘Fullhouse’

Bones : Dice that are used in Craps.

Bonus Codes : Special codes giving new poker players a discount or added funds to their online poker accounts. Partypoker Bonus Code

Box : In blackjack the area that you place your bet on. In craps, the non betting portion of the layout, in front of the ‘payroll‘. The position the casino supervisor sits when watching a craps game. Also ‘Boxman’ , ‘Boxperson’

Box Cars : In dice, Twelve crap (6/6). Also ‘midnight’

Break-even point : The point at which your wins and losses equal each other after a period of play.

Buck : A ‘bet‘ or ‘wager‘ of $100.

Bug : The joker card.

Bullet : An Ace card.

Bullets : A pair or more of Aces.

Bump : To ‘Raise‘ increase a bet.

Burn card : Card or cards that are removed from play usually the first card or first few cards on the top of the deck used in poker and occasionally in blackjack.

Bust : A losing hand going over 21 in blackjack.

Button : A small plastic marker that is used in poker to move from player to player after each hand to show the dealer position.

Buy bets : An alternative to ‘place bets‘ where a player pays 5% vigorish on the amount wagered.

Buy in : To exchange cash or funds to purchase chips.

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