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A Bite : Request made by a player for a loan. Also ‘marker’

Ace : In card games has value of one or eleven and ranks higher than any other single card or a single Die showing one spot.

Aces : In poker refers to a pair, the highest pair. In Craps is when a total of 2 is rolled. Also ‘two crap / two craps ‘, ‘ snake-eyes’,’bullets’. In Blackjack have a value of 1 or 11, always split aces when playing blackjack.

Ace-Deuce : In Craps is when a combined total of 3 is rolled with the dice i.e. a one and a two. Also ‘three crap / three craps ‘

Across : A bet in craps that covers all the ‘place bet’ numbers 4,5,6,8,9,10 excludes the point by default but can be bet including the ‘point’ if specified. Also ‘Numbers across’

Action : The amount of money bet or wagered. In poker refers to the amount of money in the pot or pool. In casino floorperson terms the amount of the total bets ‘active’ on a table or on the casino floor, depends on the context of the sentence.

Action Jackson : A player who is always gambling 24/7.

Active : A bet that is still ‘live’ and has ‘action’ that is it still is in play with a chance to either win or lose.

Active Player : A player that still has cards still in play with a chance to win or lose.

Add-on : The chance to buy additional chips in a tournament or poker table.

Agent : A player who works with either the casino establishment itself or dealers or other casino employees either by fixing games, cheating or playing for the ‘house’ when and as needed. Also someone who lures players to a rigged game for a fee or commission.

Aggregate Limit : Total payout liability of the casino during one hand.

Aggregate Winnings : The cumulative total of winnings.

All-in : Or ‘Going All-In’ to bet all your remaining chips on the table, not having any remaining or allowable funds available for the rest of the hand in poker.

All or Nothing : A ticket purchasable for Keno that only pays if all your numbers are drawn or if none of your numbers are drawn.

Allowable odds : The maximum odds a casino will allow one to take.

American Wheel : A roulette wheel found mostly throughout the US with 38 numbers and includes a different wheel number layout with an additional number added being the “00” also known as a double zero wheel which differs from the ‘European Roulette wheel’ which only has one zero and all payouts still pay the same. The American roulette wheel offer odds far worse than its counterpart.

Anchor : The player who has the last decision at a blackjack table usually the player in the last seat or ‘box’ thereby holding the anchor role. Also ‘Last base’

Ante : The initial bet made at poker tables normally a fixed amount. ‘Ante Up’ refers to placing that first bet.

Any : The ‘Any craps bet’.

Any Craps : A ‘one roll bet’ that can be made at the craps table that pays 7-1 should a 2, 3, 12 roll on the very next roll. This bet is usually placed on the ‘Come out roll’ as insurance for a ‘Passline bet’. Also ‘Crap check’

Any Seven : One roll bet that can be place on the dice table if a 7 rolls on the next throw of the dice pays 4-1 odds. Also ‘Big red ‘

Apron : The outer most part or skirt of a table. Part of a delears uniform in some casinos to reduce the wear and tear on trousers.

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