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My name is Leslie Radue,

I have worked in casinos for approximately 14 years now I started in an “illegal casino” in the city center of Durban, South Africa for a casino named “Durban Casino” owned privately by Jack Filiba a Turkish owner.

I learnt most of my games working there and after 3-4 years got promoted to pit boss every thing was good until the government cracked down on all the “joints” and barred their existence.

I then applied to work for Carnival Cruise Lines and got the job as a dealer which I did for 4 years then quit the job as I really needed a break from the long hours as they were killing me.

I took a break for about 2 years after which I reapplied and they accepted me once again, I even got promoted really quickly which was great. I’m currently an assistant casino manager.

I met my wife Maricica who now too is a (casino supervisor) on a ship and we ended up getting married in Las Vegas.

The cruise industry has died since I first started working for them, while the money is not as good as it used to be you have basically no living expense as everything is provided for you while you are on board. I think the reason for the downward trend apart from 9/11 attacks is mainly due to there now being so many cruise ships and cruises available the uniqueness of cruising has certainly declined as the cruise ship companies now have so many ships to fill thereby decreasing the market value.

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